Learn how to add income to your farm from 37+ farmer and artisan experts who are freely sharing the "behind the scenes" of what makes them thrive!

Get three days of free training on how to 10X your farm's profits so you can realize your dreams and thrive in these uncertain times!

Over three days, you'll learn how to add income and start, grow, or scale your value-added business.


Is Value-Added for you? Where do you start?

You’ll hear ‘the big picture story' of leaders in the value-added space. Learn the mindset behind adding more income to your farm, how to find your niche in the world of value-added, and secrets for how to come up with new ideas!


What are specific value-added products and processes you can use to create profit?

Deep dive into specific income-adding strategies for your farm with step-by-step instruction. Learn how to profit with foraging, process mushrooms and herbs,  host pizza night, and so much more! The entire day is packed with training on adding more income to your farm!


What are innovative ways to promote, fund, and market your  products?

Once you've picked your product, it is time to grow your business! Learn how to stack revenue streams, turn your customers into raving fans, take stunning product photos, and fund and scale your business efficiently!

Learn from experts in every area of value-added production!

Harmony Harvest
Finding Your Value-Added Passions

PolyFace Farm
Why Every Farmer Needs to be Value-Adding to Add Income in These Uncertain Times

My Digital Farmer
Grow Your CSA and Increase Your $$ with Add-On Shares

Dormouse Farm
Finding the Sweet Spot for Value-Added Meat and Dairy

Millsap Farms
Creating Community With On-Farm Pizza Night and Hospitality

Wild Fermentation
The Revival of Fermentation and its Impact on You

Soda Farm
Promoting Healthy Solutions for Marketing Herbal Products

Backyard Nourishment
Building Bouquets that Feed the Body and the Soul

The Rapidly Changing Landscape for Mushroom Products

Rise 'N' Swine Farms
Bootstrapping a USDA-Inspected Butchery

Forts Ferry Farm
How Two Chefs Started a Farm and Created an On-Farm Eatery

Providence Hill Farm
Creating Value with Every Aspect of Your Business

 Here's what you will discover in the Thriving Farmer Value-Added Summit

  • ​How farmers, artisans, homesteaders, and even stay-at-home moms, who are in the trenches trying new things, are EXPLODING their sales and rapidly going full-time with their farming and maker dreams.

  • An honest look at where the farmpreneur movement is headed, giving you a clear picture of what customers are looking for so you can produce what they want and profit in 2023!

  • A breakdown of just how much $$ you can make from these simple ideas that can help heal and nourish your community.

  • Deep dives into easy-to-grow, new, and specialty products that attract new customers and provide massive opportunity in hot niche markets.

  • A detailed analysis of the different levels of current  regulation and what they don't want you to know about how to easily comply, and a list of products you can produce from your home kitchen!

  • Stories from a diverse group of 37+ experienced farmers from around the world! From brand new farmers to industry experts, with farms of all sizes, urban and rural, you are sure to find the help you need! 

Our speakers have invested years in honing their crafts to teach you about adding income to your farm...

Farmers Market Pros
Farmers Market Success: Tips for Thriving at Markets

Bella Vista Farm
The Forager Chick: How to Use Free, Wild-Sourced Ingredients to Build a Lifestyle Business

Funding your Value-Added Business

Sun and Bloom Farms
Success With Community-Supported Herbalism and On-Farm Education

Ellen Rawley Creative & Strategy
Best Practices with Value-Added Producer Grants

Harvest Hosts
Sharing the Land: Creating Revenue from RV'ers

The Farmer's Office
QuickBooks Tools for Value-Added Producers

Fake Food Free Productions
Capturing Your Value-Added Products: Photography and Styling Tips

Local Line
Get More Out of Your Farm Marketing

Beautiful Edibles
How to Start a Thriving Farmer-Owned Co-op

Design Farm
Crafting your Value Proposition & Assessing your Marketplace

Herbal Entrepreneur
Don't Let These Common Problems Slow Down Your Value-Added Growth

 Here's what attendees had to say about our previous summits...

Turns out, they loved them! 
They were inspired, educated, and entertained!!

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Who should attend this summit?

It's perfect for you if you want to...

Grow Your Own Food
and Live off the Land

Maybe you are an urban or suburban dweller with an itch to grow some of your own food or live off the land. We'll show you some simple ways to get started on others' land or even by using your own kitchen or patio!

Ditch the Nine-to-Five
and Live the Dream

Are you a weekend farmer who wishes you could ditch the nine-to-five and live the farming dream? Learn ways to take your existing production and triple or even 10X the profit you make off of them! 

Work Less
and Earn More

Are you a stressed-out, overworked farmer who knows there's a better way to serve your community and pay the bills? Learn how you can work less and make more when you learn what your customers really want and how to deliver.

Learn New Techniques
and Collaborate

Value-added producers, we have your back, too! Learn tips, tricks, and marketing techniques from other producers! Come hang out and let's chat about how you can share your wisdom and be part of the conversation.

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Food Dollar

You deserve more.

According to the USDA, over 90% of the food dollar winds up going to processors, marketers, and retailers.

And now, more than ever, is the best time for farmers to start producing clean, nutritious food for our communities and bypass the system.

That's why we created this summit - from farmers and artisans, for farmers - to learn how to make more from their farms with less work.

At our farm, we started down this road when we had an abundance of cucumbers. With my mom's recipe, we spent the afternoon shoving them into jars with garlic and dill. 

Then we realized we had created a product we could sell for several months and also triple our profit.

That's what we want for you.

We want to see farmers relaxed, spending time with their families, enjoying their farm and knowing that they are feeding their communities amazing food, providing educational experiences, and being respected and valued.

What if you could bring in an extra $1000 a week from your backyard or vacant lot?

Could you...

Provide joy and healing for your family and community though doing something you love?

Fulfill your dreams by working on your terms and your schedule?

Build a lifestyle you love and a business you're proud of?

Know you are part of a higher calling, a movement of passionate entrepreneurs seeking to change the status quo, and work towards a better food system?
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About Your Guide

Michael Kilpatrick is the farmer at Farm on Central, an urban farm in southwest Ohio. He and his family raise vegetables, flowers, and value and income added products - which they sell through an on-farm store, CSA, wholesale, online farmers markets, and nationwide.  

He’s the host of the top rated Thriving Farmer Podcast as well as the Thriving Farmer Summit series, which has been viewed by over a quarter million farmers.

He's passionate about spending time with his kids, growing the best carrots and ginger, and helping farmers make more income on their farms.

Family Photo Greenhouse

We've scoured the globe for the best speakers. They have been featured in...


Join 37+ speakers as they share their top tips for adding additional income to their farms! 

Noti Botanica
Herbal Formulation Strategies: A Deep Dive Into Oxymels, Extracts, Elixirs, Fermentations, and More!

Wildroot Flower Co.
Creating Connection Through Workshops

Steepleview Farm
Licensed and Inspected: A Deep-Dive Into Going Official with Your Value-Added Business

Custom Foodscaping
Grass to Food: Building Resiliency and Profit by Turning Yards into Foodscapes

Rose Creek Farms
Value-Adding on a Small-Scale Vegetable Farm

Valhalla Organics
When Life Gets Tough, Make Pickles!

  Going to Seed
Going to Seed: Simple Ways to Get Started With Saving and Selling Your Own Seed

Bello Campo Farm
Publishing Your Farm Stories

Grow Your Own Vegetables
Turn Your Problems Into Innovations

Potent Ponics
Why Every Farm Should Consider Aquaponics

Fair Share Farm
The Value of Farms That Ferment

Trisha's Elderberries
Getting Started with a Commercial Kitchen

Forbes Farmstead Market
Value-Add to Add Income with Your Seasonal Farmstand

Rootbound Farms
The Freedom of a Value-Added Business


Our team has spent the last 11 months crafting this summit experience to help you grow and profit with your value-added farm. We believe farmers far too often get the short end of the stick, with statistics showing that 16% of the final food dollar trickles back to the farmer who grew the crop.

Our Guarantee to you is that we've worked our hardest, searched for the best speakers, located the best resources, and put together the best event to help you thrive!

So from all of us here at Team Growing Farmers, what are you waiting for to sign up? It's FREE!