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Join the largest virtual Mushroom Conference in the world and get three days of free training on all things fungi!

Mushrooms are packed full of value- from medicinal properties, to business opportunities, to so much more!

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Join the largest virtual Mushroom Conference in the world. You will discover how fungi impact virtually every aspect of our lives, learn how to grow mushrooms of all types, and explore how to start a fungi focused business!

In this FREE Online Conference you'll discover...

How fungi impact virtually every aspect of our lives, and are needed now more than ever

How you can grow your own nutrient-rich mushrooms on your countertop in just a few days

How to start your very own mushroom business in a spare room, garage, or even your basement!

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Learn how mushrooms can heal, feed, remediate, season, clothe, house, and so much more!

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  • ​Why mushrooms are an exploding industry and how you can profit while serving your community with an easy-to-start mushroom farm
  • The medicinal properties of different mushrooms and how to easily grow these in your basement or spare room. ​Take a tour of a successful mushroom farm and see how they are creating massive impact and income in a very small space.
  • ​Get tips and training on how to best market your product to increase brand awareness and sales.

...and SO MUCH MORE!!

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    “I watched every presentation over the three days and have learned so much. The information usually presented at these virtual events are just teasers for paid classes. This is not the case with your mushroom summit. The information shared by your presenters is relevant, in-depth, diversified, and detailed. This was time well spent learning about everything mushroom.”

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  • Thriving Mushroom Summit! $197.00

    “Absolutely cannot say enough about this group and Michael and his staff. A treasure trove of ideas, thinkers, community sharing, and advancement of the small farmer. Big thanks to the universe for connecting me with this group of amazing individuals”

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Learn all About Starting your own Mushroom Business

What if you could bring in an extra $1000 a week from your garage or spare room?

Provide nutrient-dense and healing food for your family and community every week of the year?

Fulfill your dreams by working on your terms, your schedule?

Build a lifestyle you love and a business you are proud of?

Be fascinated every day when you walk into your mushroom area and see the colors and shapes of these amazing fungi?

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Thriving Mushroom Summit! $197.00

“Thank you for making this content available. I have read Tradd Cotter's book and he inspired me to start growing. It was great to hear him speak. I am learning so much from this mushroom community- it's an incredible place!”

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Thriving Mushroom Summit! $197.00

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Thriving Mushroom Summit! $197.00

“Thank you so much for everything, I'm discovering this new world and it's blowing my mind! The summit has been super inspiring. I loved watching the presentations from the different speakers. Huge thanks to all involved! Sending you all lots of love!”

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Learn how cultures have used mushrooms to heal for generations

Learn how to forage free mushrooms anywhere in the world

Grow Mushrooms on your counter to fascinate and feed your family

Start your very own mushroom business- either as a side-gig or full-time income!

Your host, Michael Kilpatrick, is a Fungi Fanatic, Farmer, Educator and Thriving Farmer Podcast host helping farmers build profitable, sustainable businesses. He started growing mushrooms in his basement and hasn't looked back!

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  • 6 ways to sell your mushrooms to consumers who are desperate for fresh high-quality local mushrooms
  • Why mushrooms are in exploding industry and how you can profit by serving your community with an easy to start mushroom farm
  • How to forage for free mushrooms from your local forests that can fetch $100 each week
  • ​To understand the medicinal properties of different mushrooms and how to easily grow these in your basement or spare room
  • ​Why fungi is essential for the survival of our planet and the many ways were interconnected
  • How to take high-quality pictures of your mushrooms which will allow you to command higher prices
  • How to develop scrumptious mushroom recipes which keep customers coming back week after week
  • How to cook mushrooms from culinary experts with recipes that showcase the wide diversity of mushroom flavors
  • How to start growing mushrooms in your backyard with just a few dollars worth of supplies and some logs
  • How to grow Lion's Mane mushroom which is proven to help with brain health
  • ​To understand the various environmental conditions that mushrooms need to thrive and how to easily build a mushroom grow area
  • ​To understand the financials of starting a mushroom farm and how to start a full-time business in just your garage!