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We're training farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders how to raise vegetable YIELDS + PROFITS while cutting down on TIME + WORK

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You've got questions about growing vegetables.

We're small-scale farmers and homesteaders. We've all been through it!!!

We look at our farm, look at our finances, and wonder...

  • What veggie varieties do I plant in my area?
  • Why isn't my soil retaining nutrients?
  • How do I grow enough to be profitable on just an acre or two (or less)?
  • Can I grow crops year-round instead of taking a break over the winter?
  • How do I keep weeds under control?
  • What kind of compost or fertilizer do I need for my soil?

Starting to sound like your Google search history???

There's nothing more stressful than trying to figure it all out as you go.

That's why we brought in top growers and farming experts to answer your questions and equip you with the knowledge you're looking for!

Accelerate Your Growth With Training from 27+ Experienced Farmers & Homesteaders

Get everything the Vegetable Summit has to offer, with training from top vegetable growers + sellers and bonuses to support you in becoming a thriving farmer.

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 Just a few of things you'll discover in the Thriving Farmer Vegetable Summit!

  • The vegetable farming system that can double your yields and save time through greenhouse automation.

  • How John Dindia & Bailey Samp efficiently harvest hundreds of pounds of  microgreens and manage to fulfill an abundance of orders.

  • The types of photos you need on your farm or homestead website to attract and convert your ideal customers. Hint: It's not just pretty pictures of your farm!

  • Why Iain Tolhurst tills his fields as shallow as possible and keeps his soil teeming with 4-6 million earthworms per acre​.

  • How you can integrate food into your home landscape.
  • How Laura Fernandez started her business with just a wheelbarrow and borrowed circular saw, but used a simple advertising method that boosted her business quickly and developed a product ladder to keep customers coming back!

  • What goes into running a successful U-pick farm that makes $4000/day.

  • Diverse markets and sales channels you can use to sell high-profit rhizomes like ginger and turmeric.

  • Why Jill Ragan farms on less than an acre and focuses on varieties with a high yield.

  • Stacey Murphy's master sheet for building a thriving farm with the help of local volunteers in the community.


:white_check_mark:  LIFETIME ACCESS to 27+ expert trainings + 3 Q&A replays + 5 LIVE session recordings on everything from starting, growing & scaling your vegetable growing. You’ll return to this valuable training at every stage of your business!

:white_check_mark: The Free Summit Mobile App for watching or listening on the go (Value $50)

:white_check_mark: Farm Business Strategy Session with Michael Kilpatrick to jumpstart your homestead or farm business (Value $197)

:white_check_mark: Exclusive  Summit Workbook that walks you through the entire Summit, with key takeaways from each presenter and your Vegetable Growing Planner (Value $27)

:white_check_mark: Access to our Seed Germination Chamber Course (Value $47)

:white_check_mark: The Exhaustive Vegetable Growing Industry Resource Guide with over 60 different vendors providing everything from seeds, to grow supplies, kits, education, and more! (Value $197)

:white_check_mark: Our "No-Fuss" Vegetable Variety Guide with all of our favorite variety picks that have stood the test of time and yield year after year.


See what's included in the All-Access Pass!

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The Exhaustive Farming Industry Resource Guide

Want to start building or scaling your vegetable farming operation, but don't know how to get set up and who to trust?

Finding the right resources can be a challenging, expensive, and time-consuming task!

We've scoured the internet and put together an exhaustive list of 60+ suppliers on everything from classes, to supplies, to tools, and more!

We continue to add new suppliers as they become available!

DIY Seed Germination Chamber Course

How to build a germination chamber for your farm easily and quickly! Get our step-by-step guide to putting together a low-work, monitored system that gives you peace of mind.

This course is part of our Small Farm University, and includes four modules of video trainings taught by your host, Michael Kilpatrick.

Ultimate Germination Chamber

Exclusive Strategy Session with your host, Michael Kilpatrick

Michael's owned several business in the farming space, consulted with many farms across the nation, and runs his own farm, (with a wide range of products) the Farm on Central

In this strategy session, Michael will lay out the blueprint for starting your business. We'll also break up into small groups and share feedback on our business ideas and plans for the coming year!

Our Vegetable Variety Guide

See our favorite plant picks with our new vegetable variety guide!

This quick-start guide will give you a better idea of which varieties to pick based on your area, your space available, and your profit goals.

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Exclusive Summit Workbook

This downloadable workbook gives you the key takeaways from each presenter, plus space to take notes from each session as you follow along.


Ready to boost your vegetable production + profits?

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If you joined us for the LIVE summit viewing, January 11-14, I'm sure you got a lot of ideas & info out of the event!

But you'll kick yourself later, asking, "What did they say about...?" or "Who was that supplier?" or, "Oh, now that X happened, we could do..." 

It's worth investing in lifetime access to the 27+ trainings from top growers, plus bonus resources to help create a thriving vegetable farm or garden!

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  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all 27+ summit trainings + 3 Q&A replays + 5 LIVE session recordings
  • The Summit Mobile App 
  • Farm Business Strategy Session with Michael Kilpatrick 
  • Exclusive Summit Workbook 
  • Seed Germination Chamber Course 
  • Vegetable Growing Industry Resource Guide
  • "No-Fuss" Vegetable Variety Guide


27+ sessions of valuable training at your fingertips! 

Always available, for the rest of your farming journey.
You get lifetime access to the speakers' contact information as well for follow-up.


So you want to grow vegetables? Where do you start?

You’ll hear about the creative ways people are growing vegetables, from integrating food into their home landscape, to building a thriving yet compact one-acre farm. You'll learn about soil testing, planning your crops, balancing farm & family, and other advice for getting started.


Building a thriving vegetable operation with high yields. 

Explore strategies that can save you time and boost your yields, like greenhouse automation or composting or growing winter greens. You'll also learn about weed control, soil fertility, and other topics to help you cultivate your vegetables with better results.


You've got vegetables. Now how do you sell them?

During the last day of the summit, you'll learn about selling channels and marketing methods for your produce! Learn how to draw in customers with food photography, fix your marketing mistakes, create a successful U-pick farm, and more!

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What if you could...

  • 2x your vegetable production?
  • turn your backyard into food?
  • have a steady flow of customers?
  • produce veggies all year round?
  • have more time to spend with your family?
  • grow better food for your community?


Could you...

Provide joy and healing for your family and community though doing something you love?

Fulfill your dreams by working on your terms and your schedule?

Build a lifestyle you love and a business you're proud of?

Know you are part of a movement of passionate entrepreneurs seeking to change the status quo, and work towards a better food system?

Learn from experts in every area of vegetable production + selling.

Share Your Roots and Harvest Your Potential

Farm/Family Balance and Value-Added Products

Maximizing Your Small Farm with Simple Growing Tweaks

The 4th Season: The Low Stress, High Reward Winter Farm

Feed Future Generations by Saving Your Own Seeds

Growing Vegetables to Educate and Build Community

Integrating Food into your Entire Landscape

How to Buy Land for your Homestead or Small Farm

Five Farm Marketing Mistakes (& How to Fix Them!)

Perpetual Harvest: Planning Out Your Crops the Easy Way

Managing Weeds Through Smarts & Steel

5 Expert Techniques to Double or even Triple your Tomato Yields

Get Out of the Rut With Greenhouse Automation

Learning About Plant Health Through Sap & Soil Testing

Gardening for Growth: Teaching, Transplants, and Tending Gardens

5 Most Profitable Crops & Sales Channels


Converting Customers With Food Photography

Building Blocks to a Successful U-Pick Farm

Sustainable Abundance: High Organic Yields, Zero Fertilizers

Choosing the Best Varieties for Your Area

Cold Climate, Rich Harvest: Permaculture Success in Canada

Black Gold: Unearthing the Secrets of Effective Composting

 The Weed Free Farm: Zone-Controlled Soil Steaming

 Biochar Basics: Supercharged Carbon for Thriving Landscapes

Truly Understanding Your Plants

Choosing the Right Two Wheel Tractor for your Farm

How We Produce over 3000 Cucumbers per 100 Bed

High Profit Rhizomes: Growing Ginger and Turmeric

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About Your Guide

Michael Kilpatrick is the farmer at Farm on Central, an urban farm in southwest Ohio. He and his family raise vegetables, flowers, and value and income added products - which they sell through an on-farm store, CSA, wholesale, online farmers markets, and nationwide.  

He’s the host of the top rated Thriving Farmer Podcast as well as the Thriving Farmer Summit series, which has been viewed by over a quarter million farmers.

He's passionate about spending time with his kids, growing the best carrots and ginger, and helping farmers make more income on their farms.

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