Join 27+ experts who have come together to help you learn about all aspects of Flower Power!  We're offering three days of FREE training on all things floral :)

Flowers to Financial Freedom:

Your Guide to Cut Flower One Free Weekend!


The wonderful world of cut flowers is changing rapidly. Learn from 27+ experts on how to GROW, PROFIT, and THRIVE in the cut flower industry.


Here's what you'll be learning...

  • ​How flower growers, who are in the trenches trying new things, are EXPLODING their sales and rapidly going full-time with their flower growing dreams
  • An honest look at where the cut flower movement is headed, giving you a clear picture of what customers are looking for so you can produce what they want and profit
  • Deep dives into easy to grow, new, and specialty crops that attract new customers and provide massive opportunity in hot niche markets
  • Top new varieties to grow this year from some of our favorite seed companies and industry experts.
  • Stories from a diverse group of flower farmers:  all sizes, urban and rural, brand new and industry experts, from all around the world!

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What if you could bring in an extra $1000 a week from your backyard or vacant lot?

Provide joy and healing for your family and community though doing something you love?

Fulfill your dreams by working on your terms, your schedule?

Build a lifestyle you love and a business you're proud of?

Be fascinated every day when you walk into your garden and see the colors and shapes of these amazing flowers?

Let us show you how...

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Want to join us for a free viewing of the largest virtual flower conference in the world?

Get three days of free training on all things floral!

Flowers are packed full of value - from business opportunities to medicinal properties to so much more!

27+ experts have come together to help you learn about all aspects of flowers!




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Your host, Michael Kilpatrick, is a Flower Fanatic, Farmer, Educator, and Thriving Farmer Podcast host helping farmers build profitable, sustainable businesses. He started growing flowers on his farm and hasn't looked back!

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