I would be honored to have you join us on the

Thriving Flower Summit!
Airing January 7-8-9 2022

Don't worry if you can't make the live event, we record your presentation well before the actual dates.

What is the Thriving Summit Series?

A free online conference to help gardeners, artisans, and farmers thrive and leaders share their expertise and message

Who are the Speakers?

Not only do we attract the top names in the industry, we also pick new and noteworthy farmers and educators from across the country to share ideas that are helping them thrive!

How does it work?

The summit takes place from Friday- Sunday, Each day we release 8-12 new presentations for attendees to watch, learn, and interact about. The presentations are pre-recorded so you don't have to attend live, just relax knowing that you'll look and sound your best.

What is the All-Access Pass?

While the summit is free, attendees have the opportunity to purchase what we call the All-Access pass, or lifetime access to all the presentations, bonus material, and the podcast version of the summit. Our presenters make 50% off any sales of the All-Access pass that they sell through their link on January 7-8-9!

Be a speaker on the Summit!

Submit your contact details, your topic of interest, and how you'd like to present it!

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Share your message, promote and earn!

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Summits are a WIN for everyone involved!

Attendees get world class education for free over the three day experience

Speakers share their message with a massive audience and make commissions on sales

Growing Farmers fulfills our mission of reaching 200,000 farmers by the end of 2022!

Confirmed Speakers for our upcoming Flower Summit!

We have already confirmed leaders in the industry to join us in speaking at the 2022 summit- with more being added daily!

Gretel & Steve Adams

Sunny Meadows Flower Farm

Lyndsay Biehl

Wildroot Flower Co.

Tania Cubberly

Skyfall Flowers

Polly Hutchinson

Robin Hollow Farm

Jessica Hall

Harmony Harvest Farm

Erik Brimstad & Beth Satterwhite

Even Pull Farm

Rebecca (Becky) Sadlowski

Rooted Flowers

Lori RIce

Fake Food Free Productions, LLC

Betsy Busche

Spongetta's Garden

John Reinwald

Christina Ford

StinaBee's Flowers

Christy Ralphs

Nourish Farms

Sarah Funk

Grow Flowers

Ready to Join our Roster?

Lennie Larkin

B-Side Farm & Floral Design

The 2019 Thriving Farmer Summit was a smashing success!!

30 Amazing Speakers Over 3 Days

50,000+ Registered Attendees

8 Million + Media Impressions

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In 2019, we focused on farm business, marketing, and specialty crops. We attracted speakers such as Joel Salatin, Curtis Stone, Charlotte Smith, Ben Falk, and Brian Bates. Over 11,000 attendees tuned in live and on demand now has had over 45,000 sign up and attend the three day event.

The 2020 Thriving Mushroom Summit was no different!

28 Amazing Speakers Over 3 Days

70,000+ Registered Attendees

12 Million + Media Impressions

In 2020, we focused on Mushroom Benefits, How to Grow them, and How to Succeed in Business. We attracted speakers such as Tradd Cotter, Eric Jong and Adam Sayner from GroCycle, Charles Barber, Jess Starwood, Adam and Jordan from Texas Fungus, and William Padilla-Brown. Over 75,000 have signed up and attended the three day event.

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Why Present at the Summit?

Share your message

As a farmer, content expert or business owner you are constantly learning and you want to pay it forward to those who are coming behind you. Our summits make it easy to share that message with farmers all around the world!

Grow your following

Our latest summit has had over 120,000 attendees! Many of our presenters saw their social media grow massively as well as connected with farmers who resonated with their message. We include best tips for you to maximize your growth as part of the summit.

Monetize your expertise!

We offer 50% commission for any sales that you make during the January 7-8-9 airing. Also, presenters pick up increased consulting, course, and coaching clients from people that find them through the summit.

Don't Just take our Word for it! 

  • Growing Farmers

    Being a part of the Summit was one of my best business decisions I made last year.
    I got access to a HUGE farmer audience that expanded my reach (and my email list). The Summit accelerated my reputation as an authority in the marketing space. I got access to Michael’s network of other A-grade farmer influencers. And I was invited to collaborate on affiliate partnerships with Michael to help me monetize my online business. The Summit was definitely a catalyst to helping me develop as an entrepreneur!"

    My Digital Farmer

  • Growing Farmers

    It was truly a pleasure and an honor to be presenter for the Thriving Farmer Summit.
    I felt I was part of a greater voice for the farming community and able to share my journey. The passion and dedication to the success of our fellow farmers was evident and resonated with each speaker that was chosen. They made everything feel natural like having a conversation with a long lost friend - farmer to farmer. I’ll never forget the experience.

    Summit Speaker, Microgreen Master

2022 is about Mastering the Bloom - All things Flowers!

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Day 1 Why Flowers?

You'll learn why flowers are healing mentally and physically, the value they add, and the doors they open!

Day 2 How do I get Started?

We'll go technical on exactly how to get started with the many different types of flowers and different growing techniques.

Day 3 Marketing and Innovation

Now that you've grown them, we need to sell and use them! We'll walk through how growers around the world are profiting and healing with flowers!

Your host, Michael Kilpatrick, is a Farmer, Educator, and Thriving Farmer Podcast host helping farmers build profitable, sustainable businesses. We've worked with the biggest names in the industry!

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