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The Thriving Farmer Vegetable Summit:

A valuable opportunity for you and your audience!

January 11-14, 2024

Four days of value-packed learning on how to cultivate vegetables on your farm!

This summit will feature an amazing line-up of innovative farmers and gardeners from around the world! And it’s all about growing + selling vegetables

Take your farm to the next level

When you think farm, you think vegetables. After all, that's where many of us start! 

In most cases, vegetables are the first plants that new growers try to raise. You don't wake up one morning and decide to buy a farm out of the blue. No, a love for growing things usually stems from those tomato plants you tried to raise on your porch, or those times you had to weed your grandmother's garden, or the day you planted your first garden in your own backyard. Many of us farmers were gardeners first.

For large-scale and small-scale farms alike, vegetables usually make up a large portion of the farm operation. With so many types and varieties to choose from, you can almost always find a few vegetables that grow well in your soil and climate!

Our 2024 summit will feature over 20 speakers who are top vegetable growers. You'll learn about cultivation methods, specific crops, mistakes to avoid, and much more from successful farmers who are excited to share their knowledge with you.


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Who attends the Thriving Farmer summits?

Our summits attract a wide range of attendees. Based on detailed audience insights and metrics, we see three main categories:

Gardeners and homesteaders looking to do it themselves!

Beginning farmers who are looking to scale up and learn new techniques

Experienced farmers looking to hone their skills and grow more

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2024 is all about vegetables!

We want to equip farmers with the knowledge and inspiration they need to take their vegetable operations to the next level. We've gathered an amazing group of speakers to help do just that, and share their stories and years of experience with our online community of farmers.

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About the Thriving Farmer Summit Series

Since 2019, our online summits have provided free training for 60,000+ farmers around the world. During each conference we invite expert growers from a wide variety of farms to come and share with us! Each summit is packed with 3-4 days of speaker sessions, arranged around a central topic.

This year's topic is vegetable farming, but you can explore our past summits below!


The 2019 Thriving Farmer Summit was a smashing success!!

30 Amazing Speakers Over 3 Days
50,000+ Registered Attendees
8 Million + Media Impressions
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In 2019, we focused on farm business, marketing, and specialty crops. We attracted speakers such as Joel Salatin, Curtis Stone, Charlotte Smith, Ben Falk, and Brian Bates. Over 11,000 attendees tuned in live, and we've had another 45,000+ sign up to attend the on-demand replays.


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The 2020 Thriving Mushroom Summit was even bigger! 

28 Amazing Speakers Over 3 Days

Tens of thousands of registered attendees

12 Million + Media Impressions

In 2020, we focused on Mushroom benefits, how to grow them, and how to succeed in business. We attracted speakers such as Tradd Cotter, Eric Jong and Adam Sayner from GroCycle, Charles Barber, Jess Starwood, Adam and Jordan from Texas Fungus, and William Padilla-Brown. Over 75,000 signed up and attended the three-day event.

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The 2022 Flower Summit was absolutely amazing!

 27+ Amazing Speakers Over 3 Days

24,000+ attendees

14 + Million Media Impressions
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In 2022, we focused on all things floral. Over three days, we had an incredible time sharing with speakers from North America, Europe, and down under about the incredible world of flowers! Some of our key speakers were Greg Peterson, Jessica Hall, Dave Dowling, Lyndsay Biehl, and many other flower farmers.


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Our second 2022 summit was about value-adding

 37+ Amazing Speakers Over 3 Days

11,000+ Registered Attendees

36,000+ People Reached

2022 was a busy year for us, and we were able to fit in a second summit focused on getting more value from your farm. We had a wide variety of speakers and topics, hearing from Joel Salatin, Corinna Bench, Dan Brisebois, Greg Putney, and more! By the end, we were all buzzing with ideas on how to increase profits and get more out of your farm.

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Growing Farmers
Jonathan Dysinger - Farmers Friend, LLC

“Michael's team was great to work with and our partnership helped to position us in front of a high-intent audience eager to propel their farms and gardens to the next level!”

Farmers Friend, LLC

Your host, Michael Kilpatrick, has been farming for almost 20 years. His passion is equipping farmers with the tools and systems they need to thrive!

He offers educational resources through his podcast, virtual summits, and the Small Farm University. He also runs his own farm operation at the Farm on Central in Carlisle, Ohio.