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The Thriving Farmer Summit Series

A value filled opportunity for you and your audience


Three days of value packed learning on how to add value and make more on your farm.


This summit will feature an amazing line-up of innovative farmers, producers, and entrepreneurs from around the world! And it’s all about value-added

What is value-added?
It’s about taking what you have on the farm or homestead and raising it to a new level. It’s about crafting a product that fills a niche and meets market demands. It’s about diversifying and developing additional income streams to make our small farms profitable.

So many amazing value-added ideas are out there!

Here are just a few headlines to whet your appetite. 

  • Extra tomatoes and peppers become a top-selling salsa.
  • Flowers find new life in dried arrangements.
  • Elderberries emerge as a super syrup, tea, or fruit leather.
  • Local ‘pizza farm’ features meats and seasonal produce from their fields.
  • Growers pool veggie resources to create and market flavorful ferments.
  • On-farm events, farm stays…the lists are endless.



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Who attends the thriving farmer summits?

Our summits attract a wide range of attendees. Based on detailed audience insights and metrics, we see three main categories:

Gardeners and homesteaders looking to do it themselves!

Beginning farmers who are looking to scale up and learn new techniques

Experienced farmers looking to hone their skills and grow more

2022 is all about Value-Added

We believe farmers are missing out on one of the biggest opportunities- adding to their revenue without growing additional crops by value adding. Think pickling, preserving, drying, farm events, Airbnb, kimchi, soap,  pizza farming, farm to table, bone broth and so much more. Speakers will share how they got started, what it takes to run their business, and tips and tricks along the way.


The 2019 Thriving Farmer Summit was a smashing success!!

30 Amazing Speakers Over 3 Days
50,000+ Registered Attendees
8 Million + Media Impressions
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In 2019, we focused on farm business, marketing, and specialty crops. We attracted speakers such as Joel Salatin, Curtis Stone, Charlotte Smith, Ben Falk, and Brian Bates. Over 11,000 attendees tuned in live and on demand now has had over 45,000 sign up and attend the three day event.




The 2020 Thriving Mushroom Summit was even bigger! 

28 Amazing Speakers Over 3 Days

Tens of thousands of registered attendees

12 Million + Media Impressions

In 2020, we focused on Mushroom Benefits, How to Grow them, and How to Succeed in Business. We attracted speakers such as Tradd Cotter, Eric Jong and Adam Sayner from GroCycle, Charles Barber, Jess Starwood, Adam and Jordan from Texas Fungus, and William Padilla-Brown. Over 75,000 have  signed up and attended the three day event.

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The 2022 Flower Summit was absolutely amazing!

 37 Amazing Speakers Over 4 Days

30,000 attendees

14 + Million Media Impressions

In 2022, we focused on all things floral. Over three days, we had an incredible time sharing from North America, Europe, and down under about the incredible world of flowers!

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