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Exclusive Summit Workbook

Step-by-step worksheets to plan out your mushroom growing, whether you are looking to grow for profit, or just want to grow for your own use - plus, take notes for each speaker as you go!

The Exhaustive Mushroom Industry Resource Guide

Want to get started with mushrooms but don't know how to get setup, who to trust? It can be a wild west of suppliers out there, and finding the right spawn, supplies, cultures and more can be a challenging task! We've scoured the internet and put together a exhaustive list of 60+ suppliers on everything from classes, to spawn, to ready to fruit kits! We continue to add new suppliers as they become available!



Keyword Search Technology

Use the revolutionary search feature to keyword search for the exact part you are interested in. No longer have to fast forward or skip around to find the gold nuggets!

Audio Transcripts

Transcripts of the top 6 talks available inside the Summit!
Listen to the talks, read along, or use it for your extensive note-taking!

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Bonus Trainings: How to Clone a mushroom and do a spore print

Find a cool wild specimen? You'll want to do a spore print to make sure that its edible. Or maybe its just SUPER vigorous and exhibits some interesting characteristics! You can easily clone the mushroom for future research and to preserve the strain. In these bonus videos Michael walks you through the entire process with a very unique 7 LB Pluerotus (Oyster) mushroom!

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    “Absolutely cannot say enough about this group and Michael and his staff. A treasure trove of ideas, thinkers, community sharing, and advancement of the small farmer. Big thanks to the universe for connecting me with this group of amazing individuals”

  • Growing Farmers

    “My top takeaway today was how low tech it can be to begin farming mushrooms. I am so thrilled to learn that mushrooms can be of help to the health of forests and also to people! What an amazing way to contribute to medicine for the people. Thanks so much for putting this excellent series together! ”

  • Growing Farmers

    “Great summit, very informative and a lot of great farmers packed into one perfect package. Thanks for all the time and effort that went into putting on the summit! ”


Growing mushrooms doesn't have to be so hard... learn from the experts today!

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Why Mushrooms?

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Build a Mushroom Business! 

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