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  • The Exhaustive Floral Industry Resource Guide with over 60 different vendors providing everything from seeds, to grow supplies, kits, education, and more! (Value $197)
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The Exhaustive Floral Industry Resource Guide

Want to get started with flowers but don't know how to get setup, who to trust?

Finding the right seeds, supplies, soils, and more can be a challenging task! We've scoured the internet and put together an exhaustive list of 60+ suppliers on everything from classes, to bulbs, to tunnels and more!

We continue to add new suppliers as they become available!

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Bonus Day Speakers

-Airing March 19th- 

7 New speakers joined us for the March Bonus Day!

Thriving Farmer Flower Summit
-27 speakers joined us in January 2022-

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Day One

Why flowers?

Day Two

Grow flowers

Day Three

Build a flower business! 

Day 1 Speakers

Day 2 Speakers

Day 3 Speakers

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The world’s top flower experts share their secrets with you!

What will your business look like from using their best advice?


  • The many different ways you can sell your flowers to consumers: roadside self service stands to farmers markets, weddings, and even florists are desperate for local flowers!
  • What types of flowers you can plant just once and reap loads of blooms for decades afterwards!
  • Why flowers are so healing and therapeutic especially in this challenging season of the world.
  • How to take high-quality pictures of your floral masterpieces which will allow you to command higher prices and grow a raving tribe of fans.
  • What to consider when making your flower variety selections...and the one critical mistake to avoid when choosing what to grow!
  • Which flowers you can use to prepare floral and herbal teas and tinctures, and what the flavors of plants can tell you.
  • Why growing in tunnels can double your farm profitability, which type of tunnel is right for you, and the tools that make covered growing easier.
  • How to successfully create a year of flowers with simple succession plantings that reduce stress and keep fields full.
  • How to work with your family and still enjoy your business and your life!
      • How to develop a thriving edible flower business, and the best way to sell edible blooms which keep customers coming back week after week (hint: it includes a mason jar).
      • Tips for arranging your blooms to maximize your sales potential and get customers raving about how beautiful your bouquets are.
      • Dave Dowling will share the inside scoop on the hottest floral trends that will set you apart in 2022.
      • Why some vegetable farmers are converted 100% to flowers, and the innovative funding options they used to convert and scale their farm to success.
      • What it takes to run a flower farm in 2022 as your sole income and if it's the right fit for you to kick your 9 to 5 to the curb.
      • Working with your climate to maximize your production and how drying flowers can extend your season with minimum investment of time and money!
        • The top flowers for highly profitable bouquets - and the secret to maximizing vase life!

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