Farmers, think the only way to grow your farm is more land or more livestock
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Discover How To Grow, Use, and Sell Mushrooms for Profit...

at the Thriving Farmer Mushroom Summit!

Join the world's largest virtual Mushroom Conference and experience the wisdom of 27+ experts from around the world, enlightening you about the amazing, magnificent mushroom!
In Just Three, Free, Mushroom-Packed Days, You'll Discover...

How fungi impact virtually every aspect of our lives and are needed now more than ever

How you can grow your own nutrient-rich mushrooms on your countertop in just a few days

How to start your very own fungi-focused business in a spare room, garage, or even your basement!

Learn from mushroom leaders in this free online conference to GROW YOUR MUSHROOMS
Learn from 25+ farming leaders in this free online event!

Just Imagine:  What if You Could...

  • Bring in an extra $1000 a week from your garage or spare room? 
  • Provide nutrient-dense and healing food for your family and community every week of the year? 
  • Fulfill your dreams by working on your terms and your schedule?
  • ​Build a lifestyle you love and a business you are proud of? 
  • ​Be fascinated every day when you walk into your mushroom farm and see the colors and shapes of these amazing fungi? 

You'll discover all this - and more - at the Thriving Farmers Mushroom Summit!

During this Summit you'll Learn
  • 6 ways to sell your mushrooms to consumers who are desperate for fresh, high-quality local mushrooms
  • Why the mushroom industry is exploding and how you can profit by serving your community with an easy-to-start mushroom farm
  • How to forage for free mushrooms from your local forests that can fetch $100 each week 
  • ​The medicinal properties of different mushrooms and how to easily grow these in your basement or spare room
  • Why fungi are essential for the survival of our planet and the many ways we’re interconnected
  • How to take high-quality pictures of your mushrooms so you can command higher prices
  • How to develop scrumptious mushroom recipes that keep customers coming back week after week
  • How to cook mushrooms from culinary experts with recipes that showcase the wide diversity of mushroom flavors 
  • ​​How to start growing mushrooms in your backyard with just a few dollars’ worth of supplies and some logs 
  • How to grow the Lion's Mane mushroom, which is proven to help with brain health 
  • ​​The various environmental conditions that mushrooms need to thrive and how to easily build a mushroom grow area
  • The financials of starting a mushroom farm and how to start making a full-time living by growing in just your garage! 

How the Summit Works

Keep An Eye on Your Inbox...

  • ​Each morning of the 3-day summit, you'll receive an email in your inbox around 6 a.m. Eastern with the link to that day's summit presentations
  • ​You will dive into the presentations with a hunger that can only be satiated by...mushrooms!
  • ​Once you receive that day's email, you'll have 24 hours to absorb the wisdom, experience, and guidance of that day's presenters
  • ​That evening, you'll receive a short recap (get it?) of that day's presentations

Things to Keep in Mind...

  • ​Each day's presentations are available for 24 hours beginning at 6 a.m. Eastern each day
  • ​Once the day's presentations have expired, you'll receive an error message when you visit that day's link
  • ​If you'd like lifetime access to the summit presentations (plus some awesome bonuses), be sure to check out the All-Access Pass details on the order page!

Meet Your Host

Michael Kilpatrick is a fungi fanatic, farmer, educator, and the host of the Thriving Farmer Podcast.  Michael and his team help farmers build profitable, sustainable businesses so they can stress less, work less, and profit more. He started growing mushrooms in his basement and hasn't looked back!

And Meet Your Presenters!

Eric Jong
Ryan Bouchard & Emily Schmidt
Jess Starwood
Dan Miller
Tina Ellor
Alex Winstead
Logan Keister
Adam Sayner
William padilla-Brown
Roger & Mary Winstead
Tim Hensley
Erika Tebbens
Jeffrey Kleypas
Merlin Sheldrake
Erik Lomen
Drew Tyler ZImmerman
Gary Hopkins
Adam Cohen, Texas Fungus
Jessica Martin, Oak Armour
Willie Crosby, FungiAlly
Charles Barber
Justin Langley
Tradd Cotter
Steve Gabriel

And Meet Your Presenters!

  • Eric Jong: Innovative Ways to Make More Income on Your Mushroom Farm Without Growing More Mushrooms 
  • Ryan Bouchard & Emily Schmidt: Foraging for Mushrooms: Best Practices to Find Wild Treasure While Staying Safe
  • Jess Starwood: Celebrating Mushrooms: Foraging and Creating Foraged Feasts with Mushrooms
  • Dan Miller: Crowdfunding for Mushroom Farmers
  • ​Tina Ellor: Lion's Mane: A Deep Dive into this Healing and Tasty Fungi
  • Alex Winstead: Operating a Commercial Organic Specialty Mushroom Farm
  • ​Logan Keister: An Introduction to Mycoforestry
  • Adam Sayner: What is Low-Tech Mushroom Farming?
  • ​William Padilla-Brown: CordyQuest: History, Cultivation, and Uses of Cordycep Mushrooms
  • ​Lori Rice: Make Your Mushrooms Shine: Tips for Photographing Mushrooms
  • Roger & Mary Winstead: Bootstrapping a Hoophouse Grow: A Farmer's Friend Caterpillar to Grow Mushrooms
  • Tim Hensley: The Mushroom Life: A Tour of an Outdoor Mushroom Farm in the Hills of Kentucky
  • Erika Tebbens: Leveraging Farmers' Markets to Sell Your Mushrooms
  • Jeffrey Klepas: Keep It Safe: Food Safety and Raising Mushrooms
  • ​Merlin Sheldrake:  Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds, and Shape Our Futures
  • Erik Lomen: Mycological Innovations for Small and Large Commercial Mushroom Farmers
  • ​Drew Tyler Zimmerman: Low Tunnel Mushroom Growing: Exploring Outdoor Cultivation of Gourmet Mushrooms
  • ​Gary Hopkins: Button Mushroom Production: Production on a Commercial Scale
  • ​Adam Cohen: Texas Fungus: From Startup to Full-Time in Less than 2 Years
  • Willie Crosby (FungiAlly): Profitable Mushroom Production: Starting Your Mushroom Business 
  • Charles Barber: Medicinal Mushrooms: 5 Mushrooms Everyone Should Know
  • Justin Langley: Stoller Spawn Method: Doubling Your Nutrients for Faster, More Robust Spawn Runs
  • Tradd Cotter: Pushing the Boundaries: How Mushrooms are Healing Us, Housing Us, and Saving Our Planet
  • ​Steve Gabriel: Mushroom Research in the Cornell Small Farm Program
  • Shadi Ramey: Truffle Mushrooms: Magic, Folklore, and Gastronomy
  • ​Jordan Jent: Mushroom Lab 101: How to Work with Your Own Cultures
  • Dr. John Holliday: Innovations in Commercial Mushroom Production
  • ​Jessica Martin: Social Media: Creating Basic Graphics in Canva to Showcase Your Mushrooms!

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So If You Want To...

Learn how cultures have used mushrooms to heal for generations 

Learn how to forage free mushrooms anywhere in the world

Grow mushrooms on your counter to fascinate and feed your family

Start your very own mushroom business as a side-gig or full-time income!

Then we hope to "see" you at the Thriving Farmers Mushroom Summit!

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